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Bring in next-generation AI First Talent via AI graduate program

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Why AI First Talent is your
competitive advantage

AI First Talent approaches problems and tasks with AI as the primary solution, rather than an add-on. These individuals prioritize AI-driven strategies, optimizing for efficiency and innovation from the start.

A Dynamic Shift in Thinking:

AI isn’t just about the technology; it’s about adopting a new mindset. Bringing in AI First Talent means introducing individuals who naturally think in terms of AI-driven solutions.

Moldable & Adaptable:

While seasoned pros have set ways, fresh graduates are dynamic, adaptable, fitting seamlessly into your existing teams while introducing innovative, AI-centric strategies.

Addressing the Skills Gap:

Stay ahead in the AI race. Our graduates are trained in the latest advancements, ensuring you’re always competitive.

a Culture of Innovation:

Young AI graduates come with a zest for innovation. They’re not just implementers and can foster a culture of continuous innovation within your organisation.

An Investment in the Future:

AI is here to stay. Investing in AI First Talent today ensures your organisation’s leadership tomorrow.

Why usual talent strategies will miss the mark in the AI era

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In-house Upskilling and Training:

Time-consuming: Developing an in-house training program can be a lengthy process. It could take months or even years for employees to reach a proficiency level where they can implement and manage AI solutions effectively.

Short-lived Relevance: AI is a rapidly evolving field. Today’s cutting-edge training might become outdated in a short span, necessitating regular, possibly disruptive updates to the training curriculum.

Hiring External AI Consultants:

Temporary Engagement: Consultants are often brought on for specific projects or periods. Once their contract ends, so does their engagement, potentially leaving the company without long-term AI expertise.

They can implement tool but not gonna effect change

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Hiring Senior Experienced
AI Professionals:

High Demand and Competition: Seasoned AI professionals are in high demand, and recruiting them in a competitive market can be challenging and expensive.

Speed: waiting for a senior hire to be made will slow things down.

Solution for you

6 reasons why businesses hire from our AI graduate program to stay competitive

Long-Term Impact

Unlike short-term project consultants, AI graduates embed deeply into your culture, championing lasting change.

Your Top-tier AI Squad

We’ve perfected our selection process to spot individuals who over-index on adaptability and fast learning, they’re fresh thinkers, and change-makers, even as juniors.

Championing Diversity

Our Founder is a woman of colour. Our program is highly committed to bringing diversity in AI.

Ready from Day One

No waiting. Our grads come prepared to deliver immediate results and are always updated with the latest in AI.

No-brainer ROI

While seasoned AI professionals come with a premium price tag, our program is a cost-effective route to securing top-tier talent.

AI-First Training

Our graduates aren’t merely AI-ready; they’re nurtured to think and act AI-first.

We work with some of the World’s best

From Fortune 500 to high-growth startups

Success stories

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Big4 Consulting Firm turned to AI First Talent Graduate Program to grow AI / data capability in customer-facing consulting roles, whilst fulfilling their diversity mission
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SaaS company partnered with AI First Talent Graduate Program. Graduate identified £8k of additional revenue opportunity within 4 weeks of joining.
Image 2
Global bank turned to AI First Talent to bring on more women in the most cutting-edge positions.
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Healthcare insurance provider partnered with AI First Talent to bring on cutting-edge talent in a competitive market as a regional employer.
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Hear from our talent

"The AI First Talent Program is an opportunity I do not take for granted, and I am forever grateful for it. Every session we had was insightful, and I learned a ton. I will always recommend it to anyone looking to develop technical and leadership skills that enable them to perform at their best."

Aanu |

"The AI First Talent Program is excellent, as it's a program that makes you stand out. I am thrilled and grateful!"

Nachi |

"The AI First Talent Program was amazing in terms of the insights I gained, the network I built, and all the help you provided to get me to where I am today. I would love to remain a part of the AI First Talent community in any way I can"

Anish |

"Talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. As a woman in tech, AI First Talent has empowered me to achieve great things in cutting-edge technology. I am deeply grateful for this invaluable experience."

Chandana |

"My job is both interesting and fulfilling. I never knew I could perform at this level. I'm grateful for the platform that AI First Talent provided, along with the incredible support from their team, which has been instrumental in my career growth”

David |

How it works

It’s simple to sign up as a company:


Suitability Check:

Book a 30-minute call with us


Reserve Your Spot:

If it’s a good fit, reserve your spot in the next cohort. You’re signed up!


Recruit. Train. Deploy:

We equip them to create impact from day one


Continuous Learning:

Over the next 2 years, graduates receive ongoing training from us, so they’re always ahead of the curve.

Applicant Diversity



identify as women



minority ethnicities



socio-economically disadvantaged






international languages spoken

Make a Difference by working with us

Our scholarship initiative

For each AI graduate you recruit, we extend AI education to a talented individual from an underprivileged background at zero cost. Your collaboration with us directly contributes to a broader, more diverse AI tomorrow.

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What’s the recruit, train, deploy model?

  • Recruit: We identify standout candidates passionate about AI.
  • Train: Selected candidates receive rigorous training in AI, change and business areas.
  • Deploy: Graduates are placed as consultants/contractors within your company, ensuring you harness AI-first expertise without employer commitments

Can we have a say or influence in the training curriculum to ensure it aligns more closely with our specific needs?

Absolutely! Partnering with businesses like yours is crucial to the success of our program. We actively encourage and value feedback on our curriculum to ensure we’re meeting the evolving needs of the industry. While our core curriculum is designed to cater to a wide array of AI challenges, we always consider company-specific input to enhance our training. Although not every specific request can be incorporated, we consistently use this feedback as a tool for continuous improvement.

What measures are taken to ensure a diverse group of graduates?

Diversity is not just an add-on for us; it’s central to our mission. We have a multifaceted approach to ensure a diverse group of graduates:

  • Scholarship Initiatives: For every graduate you hire, we train an additional individual from a minority background for free. This not only diversifies the AI field but amplifies your positive impact in the community.
  • Targeted Outreach: We actively engage with diverse communities, educational institutions, and organisations to ensure our program is accessible and appealing to all potential candidates.
  • Bias-Free Selection: Our selection process is designed to minimise biases. We employ objective assessment tools and provide unconscious bias training for our interviewers.
  • Inclusive Environment: We foster a culture of inclusivity throughout the program, ensuring every graduate feels valued and empowered.
  • Feedback & Iteration: We continuously collect feedback from our graduates and partners, allowing us to further refine and enhance our diversity initiatives.

In short, our commitment to diversity is unwavering, and we’ve taken concrete steps to ensure our graduates represent the rich tapestry of our global community.