Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not. We are changing that.

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Those at the top in the tech industry have almost always benefited from privileges beyond their talent and effort. They usually rely on powerful personal networks, and access to institutions that invest in developing them.
We created AI First Talent to democratise opportunity.
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For tech people, by tech people. Created by industry leaders

For tech people, by tech people

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Our Story​​

Our journey began with a shared passion for AI and a desire to create something meaningful for our younger selves. As we pursued our careers in the AI industry, we identified a missing piece – a program, a network, and a supportive community beyond our employers. This inspired us to start a specialized recruitment business to connect AI talent and foster growth.

From this vision, our flagship offering, the AI First Talent Program, was born. It goes beyond traditional recruitment, providing a platform for AI professionals to thrive. Our program offers a supportive community, where individuals learn, collaborate, and expand their horizons.

This is particularly valuable to under-represented groups, who have less access to networks, resources and insights. By nurturing all talent regardless of their background, we unlock the true potential of individuals and the AI industry as a whole.

Join us as we bridge gaps, empower growth, and create a brighter future for professionals worldwide.

Leaders are made not born